About Us

We live above the arctic circle in norway

Our vision is to give superpowers to the
drone pilot

We have spent countless hours prototyping, testing and trying to understand how to make the best possible drone lighting for the drone pilot. These insights were used to create the Automoving light and make it possible to do drone operations in the dark with drones like DJI Mavic 2.

The weather conditions in the Norwegian arctic tundra define what we can do and when we can do it. We believe when we design and test drone lighting that work here, then they could work everywhere else in the world.

CORE team

Based in Norway


Tor Erik Somby


Tor holds a master’s degree in marketing and has completed the prestigious ME310 master’s course at Stanford University. Throughout his career, he has gained solid experience in marketing, design thinking and product development.


Tim valio


Tim holds a master’s degree in electronics engineering and is responsible for our product development. He has extensive experience in working with international software and electronics development, and is passionate about drone accessories.

Join us on this journey

The Tundra Drone company is founded by the two friends Tim Valio and Tor Erik Somby living in the arctic tundra in Kautokeino. The tundra is located above the Arctic Circle in the North of Norway. Our mission is to connect with those of you who are drone pilots – to listen, interact and learn more about your needs – and make drone equipment that give you superpowers. We have created a foundation for success and are going to create new drone opportunities for all of us.


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Maintain visual line of sight
The powerful built-in anti-collision lighting and position lighting makes it easier to maintain visual line of sight of your drone. Fly more safely and reduce the risk of drone operations at night.

Become visible to other aircrafts
Three strategically placed anti-collision (strobe) lights provide other aircraft with awareness of your droneĀ“s presence during night.

Anti-collision and navigation lighting

We designed the Automoving Light unit to include powerful built-in anti-collision (strobe) lighting and position lighting for safe and easy night flying.

Safe and easy navigation
The position lights are placed on the left and right side with red and green coloured lighting. These enable you to know the drone’s direction of flight and make navigation easier, for safer night flying.

Designed for high visibility
The powerful, white, anti-collision (strobe) lights, flashing 40 times per minute, are designed to provide high visibility from 3+ statute miles distance.


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