Extra battery for Automoving light

Extra rechargeable battery pack for Tundra Drone Automoving light, to extend your drone operations at night and in low light conditions.

We recommend to get the same quantity of extra batteries as you have batteries for your drone. This makes you more prepared and ensures you have bright lighting as long as your drone operations last.

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559 kr

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Extra battery for Automoving light
559 kr

Maintain visual line of sight
The powerful built-in anti-collision lighting and position lighting makes it easier to maintain visual line of sight of your drone. Fly more safely and reduce the risk of drone operations at night.

Become visible to other aircrafts
Three strategically placed anti-collision (strobe) lights provide other aircraft with awareness of your droneĀ“s presence during night.

Anti-collision and navigation lighting

We designed the Automoving Light unit to include powerful built-in anti-collision (strobe) lighting and position lighting for safe and easy night flying.

Safe and easy navigation
The position lights are placed on the left and right side with red and green coloured lighting. These enable you to know the drone’s direction of flight and make navigation easier, for safer night flying.

Designed for high visibility
The powerful, white, anti-collision (strobe) lights, flashing 40 times per minute, are designed to provide high visibility from 3+ statute miles distance.


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