Tundra Drone Mini 5

Enter Buildings with Confidence: In cooperation with Priority 1 Drones we are proudly introducing the Tundra Drone Mini 5

Illuminate Your Missions: The Tundra Drone Mini 5 is designed to enhance visibility in any indoor environment. With a powerful 5000 lumens light, it ensures no detail goes unnoticed. Its wide-angle beam provides comprehensive coverage, significantly enhancing situational awareness. Deploy the Mini 5 to get a thorough overview before sending in personnel, reducing risk and improving decision-making. The light offers three intensity levels—low, medium, and high. In high mode, it outputs 5000 lumens, enabling effective searches in larger buildings from higher altitudes.


  • 5,000 Lumens Brilliance: Illuminate everything—if it’s there, you’ll see it.
  • Wide Field of View: Expand your vision with a wide-angle beam for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Robust and simple: One button and one connector make the Mini 5 easy to use, ensuring quick deployment.
  • Durable Aluminum Build: Crafted from aluminum for efficient cooling and exceptional durability.
  • Crash-Resistant Design: Engineered to fit seamlessly with your drone, minimizing impact and maintaining stability even in collisions.


Robust and simple. One button and one connector. The Mini 5 is tailored for critical indoor search operations:

  • Police: Conduct thorough searches before deploying personnel, reducing risk.
  • Firefighters: Assess buildings to determine if firefighter entry is necessary, enhancing safety.


Compatible with DJI Avata 1 and DJI Avata 2, the Tundra Drone Mini 5 seamlessly integrates with your existing drone setup, transforming it into a powerful tool for nocturnal missions.


  • Additional Batterypacks: Extend your operational time with more batterypacks tailored to your mission duration.
  • Different Sizes of Batterypacks (coming soon): Choose from various sizes to customize your setup based on specific mission requirements.

Your purchase includes:

  • Tundra Drone Mini 5
  • Batterypack 
  • 110/220VAC Charger

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Comparison of a widely used light and Tundra Drone Mini 5

Before After

Pictures taken with a Canon SLR camera in manual mode with identical settings.


1 Tundra Drone Mini 5

1 Battery Pack

1 Battery Charger 110V/220V

Please note: The drone itself is not included in the box.


TUNDRA DRONE Mini 5 for DJI Mavic Avata-series (DJI Avata and DJI Avata 2)

Compatible dronesDJI Avata and DJI Avata 2
Operating Range33 feet / 10 m

Luminosity: adjustable settings 1000lm, 2500lm, 5000lm

FOV: 150 degrees

Color Temperature: 5700K

Light’s Operational Angle Range+75o to -165o
Modes (main lamp)Low: 1000 lumens
Medium: 2500 lumens
High: 5000 lumens
Max Flight Time with Unit Mounted 5-10% reduction
Battery Life (with the included battery)Low intensity: 40 minutes
Medium intensity: 16 minutes
High intensity: 8 minutes
Battery15.2V, 350mAh, 5.3Wh
DimensionsMain unit: 1.61×0.87×0.63 inches / 41x22x16 mm
Battery: 1.97×0.79×0.63 inches / 50x20x16 mm
WeightApprox. 2.47oz.. / 70g including battery
Operating Temperature-40° to 104° F (-40° to 40° C)

Illuminate your indoor missions with the Tundra Drone Mini 5 for DJI Avata and DJI Avata 2. Enhance team performance and unlock indoor operational safety.
Order today and increase safety, efficiency, and mission success!

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Compatible Drone

DJI Avata, DJI Avata 2

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Tundra Drone Mini 5 on DJI Avata 2
Tundra Drone Mini 5

Anti-collision (STROBE) lighting

We designed the Automoving light unit to include powerful built-in anti-collision (strobe) lighting for safe and easy night flying.

Maintain visual line of sight
The powerful built-in anti-collision lighting makes it easier to maintain visual line of sight of your drone. Fly more safely and reduce the risk of drone operations at night.

Become visible to other aircrafts
Two strategically placed anti-collision (strobe) lights provide other aircraft with awareness of your drone´s presence during night.

Designed for high visibility
The green high-intensity anti-collision (strobe) lights, flashing 60 times per minute, are designed to provide high visibility from 3+ statute miles distance, for safer night flying.


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