Top 5 reasons to use a drone light

To most consumers, drones are recreational devices used creatively to play or create visuals that were otherwise not possible. For professional drone operators, however, drones are oftentimes practical tools used to collect data. This insight is key, and underlines the key difference between recreational and professional applications for the use of drones.

There are several use cases for professional drone applications. Some of the most common areas of use include videography for real estate, inspection services and aerial monitoring. Some less obvious but equally relevant use cases include thermal imagery, search and rescue for firefighters, and indoor use in spots where it would be otherwise unsafe to send people.

For this piece, we want to focus on the application of drones lights. By adding drone lights to the operation, you not only get the benefit of longer hours of operation, but you also get automoving and strong lighting for critical situations. To date, most drone lights have not been powerful enough, limited in certain regards – like not being able to point directly downwards – or costly to aquire.

With Automoving light, Tundra Drone have sought to overcome these limitations by developing a powerful and cost efficient drone light that automatically follows the camera of the drone. There are many valid justifications for operators to keep one of our drone lights in their kit, and the 5 most important reasons we can think of are:

Increase public safety

By keeping a drone light, you are also able to use your drone in the dead of night, extending your hours of operation for public safety tasks.

Preparing for an emergency

You never know when disaster hits and if you are limited to daylight in order to use a drone in your search, assess and rescue missions, then you are severely limited. Obviously, our drone light helps you overcome this limitation.

Performing tasks effectively

With the added flexibility of using the drone light, you not only get better image quality in dim light situations, you are also more flexible in the sense that you can quickly adapt to changing and unpredictable circumstances. This allows you to complete tasks more quickly.

Safer for operators and staff

In general, using a drone is considered a lot safer than “sending in” people for inspection, and in situations where there could be hazards or difficult to reach locations, using the drone and drone lights helps mitigate the risks to your staffs’ health and safety.

Lower cost and ease of use

Ok, so we doubled down on this one, and the key enabling reasons why our drone lights offer lower cost and higher ease of use, is that they are priced affordably and comes with automoving technology. To most, these two reasons by themselves are good enough to warrant using a drone light for inspection work or monitoring.

Ok, so there you go – 5 reasons why using a drone light is a good idea. If you want to learn more, please get our Automoving light and get in touch with us so we can talk about your requirements. You may find our products are well suited for the most critical applications and come with features previously found to be limiting in more costly alternatives. Do you have other motivations? Please let us know in the comments below.

Anti-collision (STROBE) lighting

We designed the Automoving light unit to include powerful built-in anti-collision (strobe) lighting for safe and easy night flying.

Maintain visual line of sight
The powerful built-in anti-collision lighting makes it easier to maintain visual line of sight of your drone. Fly more safely and reduce the risk of drone operations at night.

Become visible to other aircrafts
Two strategically placed anti-collision (strobe) lights provide other aircraft with awareness of your drone´s presence during night.

Designed for high visibility
The green high-intensity anti-collision (strobe) lights, flashing 60 times per minute, are designed to provide high visibility from 3+ statute miles distance, for safer night flying.


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